Payment Cards

Nowadays payment cards is the main payment tool for are most of countries around the world. Currently more than 60% of all the non-cash payments are made by card.

The number of card payments forecast by regions in 2016-2022

Card payments in total amount of non-cash payments and the growth forecast by 2020 in world regions, (billion transactions), %

1 Gloal Payment Cards Data and Forecasts to 2022 (RR)
2 KPMG “Pulse fintech”

- Non-cash payments grow worldwide and there is a huge growth potential (the payments have not surpassed a half of the cash revenue). Bank cards are the basic instrument of non-cash payments.
- For the most countries 90% and more payments are made within a country or a region that makes profitable creation of local payment systems.
- The activity of payment services is not banking and is often passed by banks for outsourcing.
- The field of payments becomes more and more technically complicated, card payments are very regulated and licensed (EMVc, PCI DSS) and require extremely deep knowledge in the specific area which our team has.

Global Payment System Support

We provide a wide set of services for those who want to develop and maintain their card infrastructure

Creation processing centers and their further maintenance

We reckon the renewal of VISA, Mastercard, AmEx etc. protocols

Implementation of API VISA, Mastercard for improving simple and secure payments

Implementation and maintenance of 3D Sec, 3D Sec 2.0. Tokenization platforms acceptance. We accept x.Pay

Creating National Payment Infrastructure

Creating your own national infrastructure will enable to improve security from external threats, increase the share of non-cash payments in the country that will reduce costs while processing cash

Creating a reserve center of transaction processing (TPP) for countrywide transactions

- ~80-90% of all the transactions are made within the country
- Backup duplicate transaction processing loop
- Processing, Billing, Dispute platform, Antifraud system
- The profit is cheapening of the card service in the country.

We integrate local providers of different accounts into a unified system

- Regional accounts
- Infrastructural accounts
- Networks of informational centers

Flexible integration of ISO 8583 and ISO 20022 standards, using modern inventions in the field of Open API for expanding and simplifying of the user experience

Providing and support of POS, ATM, informational centers with the help of our partners

Creation and support of national cards

Nonborrowed payment card will enable to provide totally independent and convenient revenue of non-cash in the country

In case of any sanctions the National card provides independence of the payments, quick and soft transfer without losing facilities for the citizens.

Out experience enables in short-term period create the infrastructure for acceptance the national cards and your national card maintenance in other regions

Creating and maintaining the infrastructure of the national cards acceptance by payment systems of other countries

- Union Pay
- RuPay
- other countries

Creation of the inherent national card

- Creation of a processing center
- Creation of a payment application for the card chip according to the EMVCo standards
- Making soft for ATM и POS
- Developing the rules and procedures for the payment system
- Using the cutting edge standards while creating the clearing system